Supreme Court, General Business Chambers
27 September, 2016

Carolina Troncoso – Today’s Woman

She chose being a lawyer to help other through her profession. Motivated to be different, she grants her clients legal advice through

She is practical in her way of being and through her acts. For this lady of the law, problems are not intimidating, because she finds a favorable outcome as they arise. She achieves this mission by being multifaceted. And she solves them, wearing heals. Carolina Troncoso is an example of why femininity does not have to be distant from professional life.

Judging by her size, height and the easiness to which she poses in front of the lens, it was evident her participation at the Miss Panama 2001 Pageant. In each change of clothes, she projected immense confidence, and transmitted a good vibe to all. The sensation of being in the middle of an interview and photo session, was left on the side.

Other subjects came up such as the seventh art, décor and remodeling.

Following a dream.

Choosing her profession did not represent a dilemma. The necessity of finding a career where she could interact with people, to give them their support and representation, as well as, continue her father’s legacy. Dr. Roberto Troncoso and activist and defender of Human Rights and institutionalism. The attorney remembers not having considered any other career. “I was not mistaken. This profession teaches you to think more profoundly, to discuss with a basis, and to understand the criteria of the counterparty.”

Her surroundings.

She is conscious that you must dedicate time to everything, as a result she organizes to enjoy her family, Carlos Andres aged 3, Elena Marie aged 9 months, her husband and best friend Carlos Yanes, and Sugar, an American bulldog. She is involved in some activities and businesses with her husband, who is immersed in the restaurant business. She practices crossfit in order to be healthy in body and soul. She looks to enrich her life on the spiritual level, declaring herself a lover of the Buddhist Zen philosophy, without practicing Buddhism. In order to have a balance as mother, wife and professional, she is of the idea that equilibrium is achieved by keeping a simple and humble life.

Professional Career

She is a partner at the law firm Troncoso & Asociados since 2011, where she performs professional services, with a concentration in the areas that are her passion such as: Commercial Law, with an emphasis on commercial and banking contracts. “I enjoy this career because I like the management of interpersonal relationships with the client, making them feel comfortable and in accordance with their business.”, mentioned Troncoso. In this lapse of time I have learned the importance of knowing how to delegate and receiving feedback. As an attorney, she advises other women to continue their education and preparing to fight against gender inequality and validation of respect towards women. She wishes to see a surge in the participation of more women as members of boards of directors, deputies, vice-presidents and why not? Another woman President. So that all of them can continue the message of change.

With regards to the legal aspect, our guest withes to grow together with the firm, with the highest standards of ethics and values in the Law. Continuing as activist and guild participant, having a highlighted performance as a member of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives APEDE, leading their efforts and participation to support the increase of the vision of today’s executive women.